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Dr. Wonder's Workshop Season Two
Dr. Wonder's Workshop Season Two
Dr. Wonder's Workshop Season Two
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Product Description
This 4-DVD set contains all thirteen full length episodes of the second season, complete with Bible stories, object lessons, and original ASL songs. Every show also has a full stereo soundtrack with English voice overs, sound effects, and music. And every line, every song, and every story is also subtitled in both English and Spanish.

This is the most accessible children's television series ever produced. Deaf, hearing, and hard-of-hearing can all enjoy Dr. Wonder's Workshop. And so will you!

Episodes themes are:
Bully For You
Be Sensitive To Others
Reflect God's Love
A Team Makes It Work
Faith Overcomes Fear
The Magic of Thank You
Never Give Less Than Your Best
Be Content With What You Have
Build Up One Another
True Love Is Unconditional
Be Wise, Not Impulsive
A Servant's Heart
Be Yourself


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