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Big Bible Stories: Abraham DVD
Big Bible Stories: Abraham
Big Bible Stories: Abraham
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Product Description
Abraham was a man in the Bible who loved God in a BIG way. He believed God when God promised him that he would have as many descendants as the stars in the sky. Abraham never stopped loving and trusting God, even when he had to wait many years to have the son God promised him. And Abraham was willing to love and obey God, even when God asked him to kill his only son as a sacrifice. Did Abraham have to kill his son, Isaac? Watch and find out!

Join host Chad (Chad Entinger) in his attic as he takes you into his BIG BIBLE to meet Abraham (played by James Parker). See the Bible come to life, as Abraham tells his story in American Sign Language and interacts with animated characters found in the pages of the BIG BIBLE. Along the way, Chad will teach you some important signs and a Bible verse, and help you understand why it is important to love and obey God like Abraham did.

Running time: 35 min.

Bonus Features:
"Abraham" Story Slideshow
Photo Slideshow
Abraham's Beard
God's Plan For You


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