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Dr. Wonder's Warehouse is the official store for the "Dr. Wonder's Workshop" TV program. (Visit Dr. Wonder's Website.)

Dr. Wonder's Workshop is an outreach effort shared by three individual ministries coming together to form the Dr. Wonder's Workshop Alliance.

  • Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries in Indianapolis, Indiana, serves as the coordinating partner of the team and is responsible for overall production for the weekly series. Scripts, sets, costumes, cast, songs, and audio design are all part of Silent Blessings' responsibility.

  • Deaf Video Communications in Chicago, Illinois, is in charge of the video production and the final editing, captioning, mastering, duplication, and distribution of program tapes to the broadcast affiliates.

  • Deaf Missions in Council Bluffs, Iowa, contributes elements to the show, helps maintain the Dr. Wonder websites and assists with various projects relating to the show.

  • To find out more about the Dr. Wonder's Workshop or the ministry partnership, please visit our informational website at:

    About This Store
    Dr. Wonder's Warehouse online store is maintained by Silent Blessings on behalf of the Dr. Wonder's Workshop Alliance. Online orders placed through Dr. Wonder's Warehouse will be processed and shipped from Silent Blessings.

    Customer Service
    If you have questions about this online store, products or ordering, please contact:
    Phone: 877-FOR-DEAF (877-367-3323)
    Videophone: 866-970-6085
    Phone and Videophone Hours: (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm EST)

    Mail Orders
    Any orders sent through the mail should contain checks or money orders for payments, made out to Dr. Wonder's Workshop Alliance and be mailed to:
    Dr. Wonder's Workshop
    P.O. Box 361366
    Indianapolis, IN 46236-1366


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